Programming Department

The department is responsible for providing the programing aspect of information technology services and related researches. It serves the units and colleges of the university and the community by building and following up the scientific information technology systems and training to deal with them. It consists of two divisions: the Websites Division and Programming Division.


The most important services provided by the department:

  1. Programming, designing, managing and protecting all the University websites which are divided into:
  2. The formal website of the University of Kufa
  3. The websites of the university colleges
  4. The websites of the university centers
  5. Websites of university academic staff
  6. Electronic forms
  7. Providing an electronic registration system for students
  8. Providing a registration system for the Center courses
  9. Supplying an e-mail system for all academic and administrative cadres of the University of Kufa in addition to e-mail for students, as the University of Kufa is proud to provide the best and powerful e-mail service to its professors and students in cooperation with the global company Google to provide its well-known service Google Apps for Education.
  10. Designing the software used in the university such as the archiving program, the student information system (SIS), the network subscriber management system, the incoming and outgoing system, the university e-mail creation and management program, the incoming and outgoing program, the electronic store program and many others, where the number of designed programs exceeded 50.
  11. Assessing the sites of the university colleges by a monthly and annual report showing the strengths and weaknesses of each site with the number of visits for each.
  12. Evaluating university academic staff’s websites for the purposes of scientific promotions by sending the website link to be assessed to the e-mail of the Websites Division:
  13. Translating the University website news from Arabic into English
  14. Holding courses and workshops related to managing and programming websites
  15. Activating a package of Microsoft programs (such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and others) free of charge for students, employees and professors of the University easily by mailing the department without the need for personal attendance. Just contact us on the website:

Websites Division:

It is one of the divisions of Programming department, it designs, builds, updates, secures and monitors the websites of the university and colleges and provides related services such as e-mail service for the academic staff, programming their electronic websites, and others. It also evaluates these websites for the purposes of scientific promotions and gives specialized lectures in the field of website programming and technical design. The division is also distinguished by providing the university with technical designs and preparing brochures by its graphic design staff.

Programming Division:

It is a division in programming Department and it designs, analyzes, builds and follows-up software systems according to the data and requirements set for all units and colleges of the university. The division also works on building a software infrastructure by building databases and networked software systems in the fields of administration and education in preparation for reaching the electronic university. The Programming Division staff also gives specialized lectures in the field of databases and software systems.

Munqth Hamid


Ali Dalaf


ِAhmed H. Jihad


Samer Sami


Mohammed F. Kadhim

Engineer and Web Management

Haider Abd Ali


Lukman Rahman


Basheer Abdalameer

Lecturer and Programmer

Mohanad Yahya Alhamami

Lecturer and Programmer