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The Networks Department was founded on a simple and powerful vision of connecting all the joints of the University of Kufa to one network to improve performance. The work of this department includes planning, managing, and developing all of the university’s network infrastructures, data centers, and various network servers. The Division is composed of three divisions that share these responsibilities: the Communications Division, the Network Servers Division, and the Maintenance and Technical Support Division.

Director: Bashar Diaa

  • Duties
  1. To grant of network usage accounts to all professors and administrative staff.
  2. To regulate usage policy in terms of package size, usage times, allowed or disallowed locations, or the usability of available applications as needed to meet business requirements.
  3. To manage, maintain, and develop the university’s Intranet, it is an infrastructure for all electronic applications in the university and the beginning of the creation of advanced programs and projects such as electronic administration and e-learning applications. The university’s Intranet provides many services including:
    • Providing reliant internet service in addition to network protection on a governorate wide level.
    • Hosting the electronic learning system for the University of Kufa in addition to providing many other electronic services provided by the staff of the Information Research and Rehabilitation Center.
    • Hosting video conferences.
    • Facilitating the process of data exchange between the university webpages and the exchange of documents of administrative orders as well as students’ information.
    • Preparing the infrastructure to host the university services’ websites.
    • Implementing e-government at the university, where the network acts as an infrastructure for e-administration applications, programs and databases.
  1. To design, investigate, and prepare feasibility and technical surveys for projects to develop the university network so that it becomes more efficient as the number of the Colleges increases and the services and applications using this network increases. Currently, the projects below are in progress:
    • The optical fiber project inside the university main campus, which will provide a larger communication package that is compatible with the future needs of the network and away from security problems and public noise.
    • The (VOIP) project, which will provide free telephone communication among all university buildings with high efficiency and for more than 1000 users.
    • Expanding the network for the new buildings under construction.
  1. Establishing a global specialist networking courses for affiliates from the university and from others. And to provide specialized laboratories for those courses in order to increase the technical competence and scientific level of the participants. These courses include:
    1. Networks and Microsoft Systems Engineering (MCSE).
    2. Network security and firewalls for Cisco (SNAF).
    3. Linux server administration.
  2. To prepare for several research projects specializing in the subject of networks and information security; and to plan the processes of equipping and installation of the laboratories needed to support researchers from inside or outside the Center; and to account for all technical statistical data on the University network.


Communications Division:

The communications division administers and develops the Hardware Infrastructure of the university network. The tasks of this division include:

  • Managing, programming and maintaining the Cisco network devices.
  • Providing security services to protect the network from malware and hacking.
  • Managing and maintaining the internet towers that connect the university buildings to each other.
  • Monitoring the performance of the Internet system fed via satellites.
  • Connecting and wiring additional lines to keep the network in line with the expansion taking place at the university.
  • Organizing seminars, courses and tutorial workshops regarding the University network and its services.


  • Mohammed Riad Radi
  • Hussien Abd Ali
  • Hassanain Sadiq


Network Servers Division

Network Servers is a division from Networks Department. It is responsible for the installation, management and development of various network servers and data centers for the university. The main work of this division includes:

  • Managing the accounts of authorized users of university professors, employees and students.
  • Designing usage policy in terms of package size, usage times, permitted or disallowed sites, or the validity of using available applications as needed.
  • Hosting the electronic learning system for the University of Kufa.
  • Hosting many software and electronic services performed by the software department staff in the ITRDC.
  • Updating the maintenance of servers and ensuring their efficient performance.
  • Holding courses, seminars and workshops introducing the electronic systems and services provided by the division.
  • Providing many services to users through servers, such as: e-mail service, Windows driver updates service, cyber security, and servers maintenance.


  • Mohammed Khalaf
  • Hadeel Hadi


Maintenance and Technical Support Division

Maintenance and Technical Support Division is responsible for providing support to the University’s staff and students by providing maintenance to computers and their accessories, such as printers, scanners, projectors, etc.

The Division also provides, through its technical support system, TS, services to staff members and students of the University by providing an online communication environment between the Division and rest of the University departments via Intranet, enabling members and students to take advantage of the electronic services provided by the Division. These services include technical information on the use and maintenance of computers and their equipment, and providing guidance. The division also provides programs concerning the equipment used at the University, as well as various service programs in all fields, indexed by the software type.


  • Duties
  • Performing electronic maintenance tasks for the university computers, in addition to the computers of colleges when their centers are unable to provide the required maintenance.
  • Holding periodic courses in computer maintenance for university employees.
  • Holding training workshops on using the TS technical support system for university employees.
  • Follow-up of computers in the university in terms of programs used and preventing misuse.
  • Installing and maintaining attendance and departure devices (fingerprint) in the presidency of the university and colleges.
  • Maintenance of office equipment (printers, scanners, display devices) in all departments of the university and to ensure that they work properly.
  • Supporting the other divisions in the department.
  • Printing student IDs in cooperation with the Software Division using the SIS Single Window program.


  • Othman Mohammed Hussien
  • Raaoof Hazim
  • Maitham Abd Khaliq
  • Abbas Naser

Bashar Diaa




Mohammed Khalaf

Server Room Manager

Mohammed Riad

Communications Manager





Abbas Naser



Technical Support Manager



Hussien Abd Ali


Haider Alfatlawy