Web design is one of the tasks of the programming department, where the staff is assigned to designing, building, updating, securing and following up the university and colleges ‘websites to provide related services such as email service for the academic staff , programming professors websites, and others. It also evaluates these websites for the purposes of scientific promotions and gives specialized lectures in the field of website programming and technical design. The department is also distinguished by providing the university with technical designs and preparing brochures through its graphic design staff. The most important additional services provided are:

  1. Programming, designing, managing and protecting all the websites of the University of Kufa, which is divided into:
    • University of Kufa main website
    • The websites of the university colleges
    • The websites of the university centers
    • Websites of university academic staff members
  1. Managing the e-mails of all the academic and administrative staff of the University of Kufa, in addition to students’ e-mails
  2. Evaluating the sites of the university colleges with a monthly and annual report showing the strengths and weaknesses of each site with the number of visits to each site
  3. Evaluating the university academic staff sites for the purposes of scientific promotions, where it is possible to obtain online support through this link, click here, noting that the criteria of evaluating the websites can be found in the current file (click here)
  4. Holding training courses and workshops related to managing and programming websites
  5. Activating a package of Microsoft programs (such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many others) charge free for students, employees and the academic staff of the University easily by mailing the department with no need for personal attendance to the center. Just contact us on the website: webdep@uokufa.edu.iq

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