It is the division responsible for providing support to the university’s employees and students, by providing maintenance for computer equipment and its accessories, such as printers, etc., etc., and ensuring that it works well in all departments of the university.

The division also provides, through its technical support system, TS services and facilities for university staff and students, including technical information related to the use and maintenance of computers, its devices and equipment, and answers to questions in this field by providing direct contact between the division and all university staffs and students, as well as providing programs Used in the university in addition to the various service programs in all fields.

The tasks of the Maintenance Division:

  • Implementing electronic maintenance tasks for the computers of the university presidency and faculties.
  • Holding periodic courses in computer maintenance for university employees.
  • Holding training workshops on using the TS technical support system for university employees.
  • Follow-up of computers in the presidency of the university in terms of programs used and preventing misuse.
  • Installing and maintaining attendance and departure devices (fingerprint) in the presidency of the university and faculties.
  • Maintenance of office equipment (printers, scanners,..etc) in all departments of the university
  • Printing student IDs, in cooperation with the Software Division, using the SIS Single Window program.

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