The center provides certificates according to the details: GS3 Certificate The abbreviation for GS3 is (Global Standard3), which is a curriculum and program prepared by (Certiport), which is an internationally accredited certificate to provide the skills for people who want to enter the world of modern technology by obtaining foundations for working on personal computers using common office applications in everyday uses.

A working group consisting of 270 experts from 19 countries developed the basic skills in computer and internet that must be available to the individual to become an effective user of technology, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq has approved this certificate in applying for postgraduate studies and scientific missions, and the Information technology research and Development Center at the University of Kufa approved By the Research and Development Department in the Ministry as one of the government accredited centers to issue this certificate in March 2010, the main objective of this test was to strengthen the skills of students in the field of computers.

ICDL Certificate: The International Computer Driving License Program – ICDL, is an internationally recognized international certificate sponsored by UNESCO (Arabic, UNESCO in Cairo) proving the holder’s ability to use the basic applications of the personal computer, this certificate is internationally supervised by the ECDL Foundation It is a non-profit European in Dublin – Ireland. The examination and curriculum for this certificate have been fully Arabized. the ICDL Foundation approved the Information technology Research and Development Center at the University of Kufa as one of the government centers approved for issuing this certificate in Iraq on (1/10/2012). This global program aims to have qualified individuals who have the ability to deal efficiently with computers and also with various applications.

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