Communications Division:

It is one of the Divisions of Networks departments that works on managing and developing the (Hardware Infrastructure) of the network .Its most important tasks are:

  • Management, programming, and maintenance of Cisco network devices.
  • Providing security services to protect the network from penetration.
  • Management and maintenance of the towers that connect the university buildings with each other
  • Monitoring the performance of the Internet system equipped with satellites
  • Connecting additional lines to keep the network in line with the expansion at the university.
  • Holding many seminars, courses, and workshops introducing the structure of the university network and its services.

Network Servers Division:

It is a division of the Networks Department which is responsible for installing, managing, and developing network servers and the university data center.

The most important tasks of the division:

  • Managing the accounts of authorized users of university professors, employees, and students.
  • Determining the usage policy in terms of package size, usage times, and permitted or disallowed sites
  • Hosting the the University of Kufa e-learning system.
  • Hosting many software and electronic services completed by the software department staff in the Information technology research and development Center.
  • Updating the maintenance of servers and ensuring that they are working well
  • Holding many courses, seminars, and workshops introducing the electronic systems and services provided by the division.
  • Providing many services to users through servers, such as e-mail service, Windows driver updates service, local anti-virus, file sharing service, and server configuration service.

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