A research group proposes a new smart method for the rehabilitation of stroke patients based on the analysis of EEG brain signals of motor imagery

A research team has published a scientific article on integrating the feature of motor imagery EEG to propose a smart new method for the rehabilitation of stroke patients, it was published in the British journal “Computers in Biology and Medicine”. The research team consisted of researchers from our university , Dr. Zaid Abdul-Kareem Al-Yasiri, Assistant Professor Nabil Salih Ali, Associate Director of the Information Technology Research  Center , Dr. Nour Kamal Al-Qazzaz from the University of Baghdad – Al-Khwarizmi College , Dr. Karar Hamid Abdul-Karim from University of Al-Muthanna, Dr. Muhammad Nasir Al-Muhaiqani from UTeM Malaysian University of Technology and Dr. Christoph Coker, CEO of Austrian G.tec.

Al-Yasiri said that the importance of the research topic, “Stroke is the second cause of death worldwide and is one of the most common causes of disability. Many methods have been proposed for the rehabilitation of stroke patients, such as robotic devices and virtual reality systems.” He added, “The researchers found at the time that Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) methods can provide better results.”

The researchers have proposed a new way to merge motor imagery features depending on (BCI) and another smart method to detect changes before\after rehabilitation process


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