The University Chancellor visits our Center

The Chancellor of the University , Prof. Dr. Yassir L. Hassoon, visited the Information technology & Research Center to see the workflow of the e-learning system done by the university information servers and to monitor the performance of the e-learning infrastructure. He was accompanied during his tour by Prof. Dr. Kifah Al-Asadi,  , the director of the Center  Dr. Ammar Galawi Mahmoud and the Director of the Networks and Communications Department lecturer Bashar Dhia Nour.

The Chancellor praised the tremendous efforts of the center’s distinguished staff in building infrastructure , operating systems, managing and monitoring them on an ongoing basis, and also the efforts made by the staff of the Networks and Communications Department in the center in particular to make e-learning and its electronic applications successful. He also praised the great role that the center plays in general for supporting the university by providing electronic services and preparing the appropriate base for the application of the electronic university in the future.


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