Positive reactions to the ITRDC’s online services for postgraduate proficiency courses and tests

The ITRDC launched a survey after the completion of the computer skills electronic test on June 9, 2020, for the applicants of graduate studies. 228 applicants participated in the survey and the results showed full satisfaction with the level of technical support, accessibility of testing, and testing environment as shown in the diagram below.

In support, the supervisor of the Programming Software and Web Applications division, Mr. Ahmad Hazem Jihad Al-Hilaly reported that the level of programming support aided in the success of this electronic test. Mr. Al-Hilaly stated that the staff of the Software division provided a range of electronic services aimed at facilitating communication with the computer proficiency course and English language tester.

Mr. Al-Hilaly added that an electronic form was created to receive a set of information about the testes (tripartite name, E-mail, jurisdiction, date of start of the course), accompanied by a payment receipt and an official user or document for the purpose of matching it with the data installed in the electronic registration system, and then sending mail containing information that is allowed to enter the examination (user name and password).

Another form also launched that would allow testers to file an objection if the degree of practicability did not appear, as the laboratory would specify the course date and part to be reviewed.

Mr. Al-Hilaly added that a diversity of technical support was successfully offered attributing to the effectiveness.

It is worth noting that the staff has created educational videos explaining the process of sending out identifying information as well as the process of performing testing.

Electronic Questionnaire

  • ما هو تقييمك لبيئة الاختبار الألكتروني ؟
  • ما هو تقييمك لسهولة الوصول لموقع الاختبار الالكتروني؟
  • ما هو تقييمك للتعليم الالكتروني بشكل عام؟
  • ما هو مستوى الدعم الفني الذي تقدمه الجامعة لك؟
  • في ظل الظرف الحالي و جائحة كورونا ما هو تقييمك لحل التعليم الالكتروني كبديل يحفظ سلامتك وسلامة عائلتك؟


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