Kufa scores a new success during postgraduate exams on the Moodle platform

The ITRDC announced the success of the electronic tests for graduate students that were conducted today, Sunday, June 15, 2020, on Moodle platform within the local network of the University of Kufa.

The director of the Networking and Communication division, Mr. Bashar Al-Athari stated that the students conducted the tests in a complete flow and success as and illustrated by the info-graphs below that show the performance of the server during the tests and the rate of data flow on the local network, where the rate of data flow during the examination period of the first group of postgraduate studies was 13. 7 MB and Group 12. 9 MB.

The supervisor of the E-Learning division, Mr. Ahemd Al-Juboury stated that the examination was conducted in two classes. The number of examinees for the first class of students of the Faculty of Education for girls reached 210 and the number of examinees for the second class was 224, which included faculties (basic education, computer science, mathematics, law, and agriculture).

Info-graph during the exam period (9-12) in the morning

Internet packet consumption with 33% excess of the contracted packet

Performance of the Server during the exam period

The Rate of data flow during the exam period

info graphs for the 2nd period of the exam

Internet consumption with 30% increase

Performance of the server during the second period of the exam (1-4)

the rate of data flow for the second period of the exam


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