Over 2,000 trainees in Virtual Training Courses

The ITRDC held 12 computer and English language training courses as part of the proficiency courses for postgraduate students in the academic year 2020-2021.

“The Information Research and Training Center launched its virtual courses after the Corona pandemic on 15-4-2020,” said Hassanein Ali Hussein Al-Miyali, Coordinator of the Information Training Department for the Information Unit.

Mr. Miyali added that “in 10 proficiency developing courses, 2,039 trainees were enrolled in computer and English skills”.

He also stated that “464 participants were tested electronically for the computer and English developing courses and that the courses were positively rated according to a questionnaire released for testers”.

Mr. Miyali declared that “enrollment continues on these courses as the ITRDC launches a new virtual course in which 299 trainees have already enrolled.”


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