Kufa Participates in a Ministerial Team in Support of E-Learning and Testing

Kufa University participated in the ministerial team tasked with preparing and training teaching staff, examination committees, and students to support the process of electronic education in addition to electronic examinations for undergraduate studies in Iraqi universities.

The ministerial team from the University of Kufa included teachers: Dr. Ammar Galawi Mahmoud, Director of the ITRDC; Maghreb Abdelredha Al-Ramahi, Coordinator of the Department of Networks and Communications at the ITRDC; and Engineer Ahmed Abdelhamza Al-Jubouri, Supervisor of the Centre’s E-Education Division.

The Ministerial letter No. 2315, issued on 4, 6, 2020, indicated that the electronic training and support group has to be responsible for a number of tasks, including the preparation of a manual for teaching courses and examination committees in PDF format.

It is also the responsibility of the Ministerial Support and Training Group to prepare video lectures as video and audio guides for teaching classes and exam committees and to prepare educational videos aimed at students explaining exam instructions in accordance with the requirements of electronic tests.

The task of the team is also to prepare and train, following the above provision, and to coordinate with university continuing education centers and through the supervisory committees set up within the above-mentioned ministerial order.

Recently, E-learning has been fully adopted due to the emergence of COVID-19.


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