ITRDC@2020 initiative: 855+ participants attending training courses

Dr. Ammar Jallawi Mahmoud, Director of the Information Research and Training Center at the University of Kufa, announced the preparation of the participants for the activities of the ITRDC@2020 initiative at the University of Kufa during a special talk for the Center’s Media Unit. Ammar Jallawi stated, “The number of participants in the various ITRDC@2020 initiative activities that started on 17-5-2020 has reached more than 855 participants for a total of two training courses and four workshops as part of the initiative’s activities and over two months of ongoing activities.

Dr. Jallawi  pointed out the number of participants in detail: “About 151 participants participated in the scientific research writing course, while the second course was attended by 115 participants and was about the digital researcher identity industry, while the number of participants of the various workshop series within the third activity of the initiative was more than 589 participants and electronic certificates were issued for all the aforementioned activities.”

In a similar context, Mohamed Falih Kazem, the supervisor of the Department of Educational Software and Web Applications and supervisor of the electronic certification system, declared that the initiative included the launch of several electronic systems to complete them electronically as part of the COVID-19 epidemic, which included the start of registration for its courses and then virtual attendance registration, as well as the launch of the electronic questionnaire for calendar purposes and electronic testing, which was at the end of each training course, in addition to the electronic certification system.

In regard to the grading mechanism and the requirements of passing the training courses, the coordinator of the ITRDC Mr. Hasanain Ali Al-Mayali stated that the ITRDC adopted the scoring mechanism for courses under the initiative through a Grade of Attendance, which is confirmed electronically for each lecture within the course. In addition to that, trainees ought to attend more than half the number of days of the course as a basic condition for passing as well as taking the test which accounts for 30% of the total grade.

It is noted that the initiative is continuing with its fourth version, which will include a series of various workshops for lecturers from inside and outside the country and from international universities in various countries.


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