Tangible success in the application of electronic education platform, Moodle, within the university’s network

The President of the University of Kufa, Professor Yasser Hassoun, announced the success of performing electronic tests for graduate students and the complementary role of initial studies through the university’s online education platform Moodle and on its university network, according to the plans made for the success of this electronic event, which was prepared in advance.

Dr. Ammar Jallawi Karkar, director of the Information Research and Rehabilitation Center, said, “The ITRDC took it upon itself to provide the infrastructure and provide technical support and training for students and professors by launching several specialized workshops to spread the culture of electronic tests and learn how to prepare them by the professors and how they are conducted by the students. It also prepared and implemented a plan that included a set of technical measures to meet ambition, which led to the success of this experiment.”

“One of the most important of these measures was the preparation of a separate data server (Server Ubuntu 16.04) for the examination of graduate students, which led to a complete fluidity in the performance of the examinations, according to the attached charts, which show the performance of the server during the tests and the rate of data flow on the university network.”

Eng. Ahmed Abdel Hamza Al-Jubouri, Chief of the E-Learning Division at the ITRDC, said The number of electronic tests for postgraduate studies (660) electronic tests distributed among (15) colleges for approximately (1100) students, while the number of electronic tests for elementary studies (supplementary role) (1635) electronic tests distributed among (21) colleges for (5615) students.

Mr. Al-Jubouri said, “The online test via Moodle platform included a number of question templates:

  • Multiple Choices
  • True and False
  • Matching
  • Essay (text answer)
  • Essay (file upload)

These efforts and collaboration come from the management of the University, represented by its president and dedicated staff in all of the University’s vital facilities.

The main goal is to achieve the University’s endeavor in the service of the community and to provide an appropriate educational environment within the current conditions

Peak Internet packet consumption

Performance of the server during the exam period

The data flow rate on the server during the exam period


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